Found Photo Galleries
great found photos
more great found photos
an incredible collection of snaps portraying women holding cameras
“a family of objects without their rightful owners...”
photos found in a thrift store camera
exactly what you think...
“Children’s Highlights meets John Waters meets Avant-Quilting Bee” (includes a gallery of found photos)
a found photo blog

“all found on the sidewalk, mostly in Philadelphia”
kid and food related ephemera from the 1940s through the 1970s
(includes galleries of snapshots and other vernacular photos)
found slides
an online essay about found photographs, with numerous examples
an artist who uses found photos to create sculptures
an artist who uses bleached found photographs
a found photo blog focusing on photos for passports, licenses, id cards
a found photo gallery, part of larger still photography website called Fixing Shadows
flea market finds
(see also snapatorium – a snapshot sales site)
a vintage snapshot blog
Halloween-related ephemera and vintage snaps
Santa-related ephemera and vintage snaps
a vernacular photography blog
lesbian-themed ephemera and vintage photos
a stunning collection of vernacular photography

scroll down for a short essay and a gallery of vernacular photographs
photos found in old cameras with pictures of the cameras they were found in...
vintage mug shots
photos of an unknown family who probably owned a liquor store
a website about vernacular photography — includes galleries of vernacular photos from Nova Scotia, and found photos that originally belonged to a man from Brooklyn